Monday, January 23, 2006


Finally Moved In

Let me show you our basement. Posted by Picasa


The "Rec. Room" as it was before! Posted by Picasa


Another "before" picture. Note the old furnace and duct work. Posted by Picasa


The "Rec. Room" after renovations by Mister Ed, Wascally Wabbit, Captain Ron, and other friends! Posted by Picasa


Now, let me show you my tractors! Posted by Picasa


Another view of the Rec. Room, showing my toy tractor collection from afar.  Posted by Picasa


Finally moved in! After nine months of being in boxes my toy tractor collection is now on display in the rec. room. Yes, the shelves are genuine John Deere green and yellow. Now I feel like we are finally moved in. And my symptoms of withdrawal are subsiding. Posted by Picasa


More tractors in their new home. Posted by Picasa


The "honeymoon suite!" Posted by Picasa


The grandkids' room. Note the matching pine baseboard. Another bed will be needed soon! Posted by Picasa


More color in the grandkids' room.  Posted by Picasa

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