Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A Quick Trip

Let me start at the beginning! I was chatting with Jon about the possibility of his coming over here from Taiwan if Grandma (my Mom) died suddenly. A couple of weeks ago we did not know how much time she had. Well, Jon decided to come and see her. Ron and I traveled down to Edmonto Saturday, picked up Jon from the airport, and went on to see Grandma.

This is Jon, Thomas and Ron. Like Thomas's new haircut?

Suzanne came to see Grandma (and us) again. Here are our three children together at the hospital. We made arrangements to go to her place Monday so Jon and Ron could see Thomas.

Grandma was quite glad to see these great looking grandkids. And they were glad to see her too. Sunday evening, when I expected Grandma to be tired and more "out of it," Ron and Jon had an excellent visit with her. She talked about the trip she took to France with Mary (my sister) a few years ago. Grandma even gave details about riding on the English Channel tunnel train.

At church Sunday evening I met Pastor Don Hogman. He's now retired. He was my pastor three times: when I was a toddler, then I interned under him in Bible College, and then He was back in Ponoka when we came out of the Yukon and were there for a winter. He gave the message at my installation service in Meeting Creek (not too far from Ponoka).
My neice Jill and her husband and family came over from British Columbia to see Grandma too. It was the first time Jon, Ron, or I had see her family, and the first time we'd seen her since before she was married. Jill's husband Mark is a truck driver. He used to stop in and see Grandma lots when he was in the area. She became his adopted Grandma. (He was a foster child)
One night, Jill and her family and Ron, Jon, and I were all at Bill and Lynda's on the farm. The boys had blow up mattressed and sleeping bags which got used. The basement was wall to wall people. Cozy in front of the wood stove!

Last night at Suzanne's was similar, except it was only Jon, Ron, and me on the basement floor. Brian made roast ham and apple pie for supper. We enjoyed our time with them and especially Thomas. This morning we were up quite early (before 4:00) in order to get Jon to his plane. Ron and I are back in Grande Prairie, and Jon should have landed in Taiwan by now.

How's Grandma? She is hanging in there prettty good. Still in the hospital. Still needing help in and out of bed. To me she seemed less confused than a week ago. The boys enjoyed taking her for (short) walks around the hospital one or twice each day. Mary is with her a lot when other relatives are not. Grandma has a brother and two sisters living in the Edmonton area who have all come to see her too. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentine Seranade

Today was our 38th Valentine's day since we first met at Briercrest Bible Institute. Yet today had several firsts. It was the first Valentine's Day on which we traveled to and from work together. We were up at 5:45 and on the road by 6:15.

It was also the first time I had flowers delivered to Colleen at work. About noon she was on her lunch break and was called to come to the front. She thought it was for a price check but she was surprised by a nice Rose Bowl instead.

It was also the first time that we have ever been seranaded at a meal. After work I took Colleen out to "Earl's" for supper. Walking in we knew we were in a classy place, a little above our normal choice of restaurant. We were two of the early birds so we got very good service. Colleen was given a long stemmed rose. The menu proved to be a bit of a challenge to us "country bumpkins." Except for the steaks which we could not afford, we did not know what we might be ordering. But in the end all worked out quite well. We enjoyed a nice meal of hot wings, Cajun chicken sandwiches, and a scrumptous Apple and Raspberry Cobbler desert shared between us. During desert we had the awesome privilege of being seranaded by a violinist. She played "Fields of Gold" at our table.

Then we went back to Wal-Mart to pick up Colleen's rose bowl which had been safely stashed in the coolder there. Colleen decided to "give a rose for a rose." So she took her long stemmed rose into the store. Coming our was her associate from Cosmetics(appropraiately named "Rose") so Colleen handed the rose to her with a hug.

At home we placed the rose bowl on the coffee table, got out a goblet of Pepsi, and exchanged cards and presents, the Valentine Bear and the "Ferro Rocher" chocolates you see in the picture.

Our love for each other is 38 years old and still going strong!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


My Mom

This is my Mom on Christmas eve when we helped her come home from the hospital. She had had hip surgery. To me, she was looking better than she had for over a year.

For over a month she was doing well. In fact, she WAS turning on a dime. But for about a week now she has been back in the hospital. She has been retaining fluids which can lead to other complications too. At the moment she is responding positively, but slowly, to her medications. It is doubtful if Mom will be able to return to her apartment. My sister Mary (see the Christmas post) is with her a lot.

I am thankful for Mary. Although she lives in Edmonton, about an hour's drive away, she has spent much time with Mom since Dad went to be with his Lord several years ago (1993). She phones at least once a week, and she visits Mom, often staying overnight too. Right now she is staying at Mom's apartment and spending most of her days with Mom in the hospital.

This weekend, my twin brother Ted and his wife are coming from Montana to see Mom. Colleen and I will probably go down next weekend.

Please pray for Mom, and all of our family, as we deal with these changes.


An Extreme Makeover

This is our new bath and laundry room. I was sitting on the washer and dryer when I took this picture. The colorful curtain to the right is where the shower and toilet are. The shower is small (all the room I had)but it works well.

When we purchsed the house this was the worst area. There was a big hole in the concrete floor and the walls were very dirty and ugly looking. There was a rotten platform where the former owners' appliances had been. For a "before" picture click on January 2006 in the Archives. The second "before" picture shows the old furnace. The laundry area is (was) the ugly spot directly behind the furnace.

Mr T. and I put pipes in and on the floor for the bathroom and laundry fixtures. Then I built a wooden floor over them. That's how the laundry room stayed for over a year. (Mr. T. is a retired pastor from Corvallis Montana who now works part time at PRBI.)

This winter, when I could finally afford the time (and money) we finished up the room. A young plumber who also does maintenance at PRBI redid the water lines so I could hook up the fixtures. If you'd like to come for a visit, you will get to use the new bathroom.

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