Saturday, March 28, 2009


"Don't Feed The Plant"

If you walk into a flower shop and see a strange plant that looks like a Venus Fly Trap, only different, don't buy it. Advise the shopkeeper not to feed it. And definitely DO NOT feed it blood. Such was the mistake made by Seymour and in the end it would cost him his life.

By now some of you will have figured out that I am talking about the Broadway musical "Little Shop of Horrors." It was presented here in Camrose by the amateur organization the "ChurchMice Players." The person playing Seymour, the main character, had many lines to learn and many songs to sing. And in my humble opinion, he nailed the part.

Colleen and I took Thomas to see the opening night production last night. All three of us loved it. Seymour was played by our son-in-law Brian. I knew he could sing, but now I know he can really act too! Great job!

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