Thursday, June 23, 2005


Team Work for a New Roof

My friend Chris whom I mentored the past two college years. Air roofing nailer in hand, he's ready to help me shingle a section of roof. He's a great friend and will make an excellent rural pastor with Village Missions soon. Posted by Hello


Shingle Discipleship. I'm showing Chris how to shingle. He's not afraid of heights so he can get closer to the edge than I can. See below for the rest of the story.  Posted by Hello


Gimped in Grande Prairie

Wednesday: A man looked at our house and said he could shingle it for about $3800 the next week. Sounded good. Wondered if we could afford it though.

Thurdsay: He brought me an estimate of $4200 and said he could not start till later in the week. He gave me a reference which did not check out well so I decided this would be a "do it yourself" project. Made some phone calls, prayed, and set it up for Saturday. (The weather forcast was favuorable too.)

Thursday night: Did not sleep well, thinking about the roof and my fear of heights.

Friday: Read Psalm and took verse 2a literally: "He will not allow your foot to slip."(alternate reading) Had peace. Bought shingles.

Saturday: Shingled house with the help of Mr. T (a 70 year old man who worked with me on maintenance at P.R.B.I.)and some other younger men. Got more than half of what we wanted to do done.

Sunday: Preached in McLennan (two hours away)and gave testimony to Psalm 121.

Monday: Raining so I went to work. Foot was sore when I woke up but got better with use.

Tuesday: Foot sore again when I got up. Fininshed shingling the house with the help of Ron and Mr. T. Got the left over shingles off the roof and the place cleaned up before it started to rain. Praised God for the good weather, the good help, safety on the roof, and the job completed at a fraction of the price. (We only shingled the front half because the back half was still quite good. Saved about $3,000 over all).

Wednesday: Foot quite sore at 4:00 a.m. Ron helped me ice it. Went to work and hobbled around all day. It also rfained all day.

Thursday: Foot even worse at 3:30 a.m. Iced it again. Ron took me to the Doctor and I found out I have a bruised Acillies tendon where it attaches to the heal. Was told to stay off it for two weeks. Got perscriptions.

Ron is helping me ice it, etc. and I hope to be back to work by Monday. I don't want to agrivate the injury but I need to work too. So do pray for us. There are a lot of other fix it things I need to do on the house too. "Lord, what else are you trying to teach me?"

Now I need to go and ice and elevate my foot.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Light on the Horizon

The sun is finally beginning to break through on our home situation. Insurance has authorised a rather full renovation. See the blog and pictures below for more details. Posted by Hello


What Color Is Our Home?

First the house was multicolored. (See previous blogs.) Then it was black! Now it's greyish brown. All the drywall (sheet-rock), insulation, and flooring were removed and the house cleaned up (The process took three weeks). Now it's beginning to appear livable again. Thank you Lord!. Posted by Hello


Welcome to "The White House!" Everything was painted white with Kilz paint to elimimate any remaining odor. The new boards are building out the walls to 6" for added insulation. By the time it's finished, the house will be up to modern day standards. Going through the house and marking where we want plugs, etc, and picking out new cupboard material, etc, makes it like whe are building a new home. And in some ways we are. And insurance is paying the bill! It's amazing. It's exciting. It's the Lord's provision. . Posted by Hello


Even the attic area is white! Can your President beat this one? If you are having trouble figuring this picture out, it's looking up through the ceiling at the under side of the roof.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Chautauqua Day 2005

Mounties lead the way! Chautauqua Day is Sexsmith's fair day. There's a pancake breakfast, parade, kids events, "Chautauqua Idol" contest (No, Kerry Underwood is not here!), and fireworks after dark (about midnight here)! We are also celebrating Alberta's centennial. The pictures below tell the rest of the story. Posted by Hello


Chris Warkentin, our federal Conservative Candidate being a good politician! Posted by Hello


The rather large Grande Prairie Marching Band. Posted by Hello


The winning float. Posted by Hello


Waldi Neufeld, Chris's father-in-law and Peace Riber Bible Institute's Academic Dean on another little tractor. Posted by Hello


"Little Lucy!" She's the daughter-in-law of P.R.B.I's president. Posted by Hello


A donkey, miniture horses, and a sheep! Posted by Hello


Saddle Horses! There were a couple teams of draft horses too. Posted by Hello


My friend Grant cleans up after the horses! Posted by Hello


Soap Box Derby

They're off! The smallest pair are given a head start, but can they hang on to their lead? Posted by Hello


More are coming! Posted by Hello


The winners claim their prize. Posted by Hello


Gasoline powered transportation. Pick your size, pick your price! Posted by Hello

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