Saturday, July 15, 2006


Celebrating Thirty-five Years Together

My Bride on our wedding night. Posted by Picasa


My bride 35 years later and just as beautiful! Our annaversary was the day after Brian and Suzanne's wedding. In those thirty-five years we have raised 3 children, gone through 5 years of college and seminary, pastored 4 churches, worked on seven farms, lived in 3 provinces and one territory, and visited or passed through at least 13 states! We have traveled across prairies, through woodlands, over mountain passes, across lakes, on water, on ice, in mud, in snow, in fog, in blizzards, in old cars, in old trucks, in mini-vans, in new cars (sometimes), on ferries, in planes, in jets, and sometimes on nice dry pavement on clear sunny days. We've lived together in an 8 by 30 trailer, in a 12 by 60 trailer with three kids and a cat, in suites, in little old houses, in big new houses, and now in our own five (yes 5) bedroom home!

My Bride has raises, fostered, or babysat nine children in a two bedroom home every day for two months. She's been mother, antie, grandma, antie-garandma, and block parent! At church she has played piano, played accordian, played guitar, played with kids, taught Sunday School, lead ladies Bible studies, lead Awana clubs, and lead her husband away from spiritual pitfalls. At home she has trined kids, trained pets, trained her husband, encouraged friends, and discipled young ladies. At work she has waited on tables, fed hundreds, cleaned dorms, built huge tanks, sold cosmetics, caught thieves, tended chickens, picked eggs, tended roosters, and kicked roosters, but never the boss! For 35 years she has loved me, cherished me, encouraged me, taught me, corrected me, scolded me, went with me, stuck by me, and loved me even more.

To my Bride, "Happy Annaversary! May we have 35 more exciting years together. . Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Home Away From Home

My brother Jim's home in Queshel, B.C. It was the half-way point of our trip. We overnighted there on our trip to, and from, Penticton. We were there only once before, a couple of days after 9-11. (You will see the view from the deck in a minute!) Posted by Picasa


My brother Jim. He is now oficially retired but, being a mechanic, he has a few fix-it jobs on the go. If he'd know one of they would not have worked out, he would have come with us to Penticton. I cheirsh the time we spent with him. Posted by Picasa


Canada Geese use Jim's back yard as a resting place after their morning swim (and breakfast). The shoreline is the back property line of Jim's home. Posted by Picasa


A family of ducks make Jim;s back yard their summer home. There are 12 ducklings huddled there. That's how they sleep at night. Another family or two come around as well. They wander through the yard every morning. It's fun to wathch them play and feed in the lake. Colleen fed them once too, as they went through the front yard. Posted by Picasa


Tent City! Another home away from home that is very familier to our son Ron as a vetran tree planter. This is where they live for the summer. Everything is either a tent or a trailer. This camp was just off the highway home, in Chetwynt, B.C., so we had to stop in.  Posted by Picasa


Supper in the dining tent. It was excellent food! Posted by Picasa


Ron's Pad. He now has the luxury of first class accomodations! Posted by Picasa

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