Sunday, December 31, 2006


Santa's Traveling Workshop

Santa and his son Ron loaded up Ron's sleigh for a night flight across northern Alberta. We had the sleigh loaded with suitcases, presents, people, pops, and yes, even a door for our designated destination. Mrs. Santa was a little late for the flight because she literally ran herself off her feet and had to buy a new pair of shoes after work.

We had clear sailing for the night sky was clear and so there was no need for Rudolph on this flight.

We arrived late Friday evening a Thomas and Mikayla's house and were soon enjoying a long winter's nap.

The next day Santa and his helper got busy and installed the door he had brought in his sleigh. We just had to change the door at the hinges so it was a much easier chore than the one we did two months ago. Yet it still took us most of the day by the time we got everything fix and adjudted, including two trips to the hardware store and one to "Tim Hortons" for coffee.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Bethelhem Live

A few days ago Colleen and I went to Bethlehem! No not the town in Israel, nor the the one in Pennsylvania. Rather it was in the middle of Grande Prairie. A church there had set up what they called "Bethlehem Live."

How "live" was it? Well there was a live donky, a live horse, two live cows, three live sheep, a half-dozen live chickens, and about a dozen live pigeons. And Roman Sodiers too numerous to keep track of. Oh yes, one of them was riding the horse. There were lots of live people too.

First we went inside the church and registered. We were given either two shekels or a danari (to pay our taxes) and then assigned to the Tribe of Reuben. As we waited for our tribe to be called we sat in the sanctuary and listened to some people singing southern gospel Christmas tunes.

Soon our family head came and called for those from his tribe. Off we went, out a side door and into the night on our way to Bethlehem. Fortunately it was a rathen mild evening. On our journey to Bethlehem we met Roman soldiers (each one with an attitude), beggars, and an injured person. Actually he was a decoy for the thieves to come and rob us of our tax money. But fortunatey a Roman soldier came riding up on his horse and chased off the thieves. "Sometimes the Roman soldiers come in handy," our family head told us. Then we met some shepherds who talked about seeing and hearing angels announcing a special birth in Bethlehem. Finally in Bethlehem, we had to go to the town square where many things were being sold: chickens, cloth, spelt, wool, etc. We found a money changer there and had our shekels changed into denari.

Soon we came to the tax collector who gladly took our denari. He was in a grumpy mood for someone literally raking in all that money. As we left we could here him counting: "One of Caesar, one for me..."

A lady in the street was quoting Scripture. Various prophecies about a coming Messiah. She seemed quite excited since she had heard reports of a baby in a stable. Ahead of us was the inn. The grouchy inn-keeper said he was full up, but if we wished, our family could take refuge in the stable. Apparently a young couple had already done that.

Around behind the inn, there it was! There were cows on one side and a donley on the other. But in the middle was a stable. Really it was just a shed about the size of two outhouses. As we beheld the young couple and the baby they were holding, a shepherd explained Who this baby was. The exciting climax had come. The Messiah had been born. And we had the honor of meeting Him.

Afterwards we went back inside the church for cookies, warm drinks, and visiting with friends.

All in all, "Bethlehem Live" was a memorable experience that reminded us of the true origin and purpose of Christmas. I left feeling like I was now in the (proper) Christmas spirit.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Back in the Saddle again!

I have not preached at a Sunday service since Father's Day, a year and a half ago. Have I missed it? Definitly! (Well, I did do a funeral back in Thorhild and a couple of weddings.)

Oh yes, I did bring a devotional at the little service we had in front of Jim's tent in Penticton.

But that has suddenly changed! Today I preached in Little Smokey at a mission church that meets in the nice new community hall there. It's about an hour and a half drive from here and it is just a few miles from where Colleen and I almost hit a Moose back in October.

I preached there once before, about two years ago, or more. But today was the first time Colleen was with me.

One couple took us to their farm home for a very lovely dinner. We arrived back home at 5:00, as it was getting dark.

The church is without a Pastor right now and they asked me to fill in today. I'll probably be back there in January. Only the Lord knows how often I may preach there. I said I could come as often as twice a month. So pray for me whenever the Lord lays me on your heart.

Oh, I preached on "Heaven" today. Surprized?

Wishing all readers Merry Christmas and God's blessing. Posted by Picasa

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