Sunday, July 04, 2010


How We Celebrated our Anniversary

I worked all day while Colleen took charge of Roger and Jonny. We had Pizza for supper. Jonny wasn't very hungry. When his stomach erupted we found out why. But we carried on with our planned evening. We took the boys to Toy Story 3. We all loved it. And no problems with Jonny.
then it was home for a long summer evening's nap! Alter all, we had to do it all again the next day. Well, not everything, Jonny was fine!

Oh my!Ruthann is biting the bit to see Toy Story 3.She was counting the days until it showed up at the movie theater and then promptly let me know the morning it was there.I told her we were going to hold off until it hit the cheaper movie theater.I heard it is a good one.So glad to hear Johnny's stomach was ok the next day.Did the two of you enjoy a special time after Suzzie and Brent got back from their special time? I do hope so.Love ya.
We did! Went out for Notchos.
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