Saturday, February 25, 2006


A Golden Moment

Yesterday Canada experienced another golden moment. We have been rejoicing in our overall metal performance at the Olympics, including a number of golds! Even though our women took gold in hockey we've been smarting from the men's hockey team's dismal performance. But yesterday our curling team, led by Gushue, came through and we captured gold for the first time ever in men's curling. (Our women took gold in Japan, the first time curling was a metal event.)
I watched the highlights and could not believe the shots they were able to make.
So we are rejoicing across our nation, but not as much as the province of Newfoundland. The team is from Newfoundland, except for one player they borrowed from Ontario.
Newfoundland was so thrilled that their team was playing for gold that they closed their schools so the kids could watch it. They were not disappointed!
Today most of us Cancuks are rejoicing with them.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Help from Farley

I'd like you to meet Farley. Who is Farley? Well, he is the Grand Prairie Regional College "Wolves" mascot. (Can you guess where his name came from?) Over the past two years we have seen him often at Ron's Basketball games. He leads cheers. Sometimes he throws T-shirts into the stands. And this past Friday evening he helped me on the court. Ron had recruited me for the "half-time show." Three of us Dads had to ride tricycles out to center court and back and then attempt a free throw. I was having trouble peddling (Back in the fall I did not even get of the start line!). Then Farley came over and pushed me over the finish line. I missed my free throw but I got a free T shirt for my efforts. I think it is the hardest earned T shirt I have ever gotten.

The game? At half time the Wolves were leading Augustana College (Camrose) by about 60 to 30. Augustana came back strong but the final score was Wolves 99, Augustana 76.Farley and all us Wolves fans cheered!

Saturday morning I attended a parents breakfast, went to work for 4 hours and came back to watch the final game. In the mean time Ron's girlfriend had sprained her ancle in the ladies game. Fortunately is was not broked and it is the end of their season.

Ron started in the men's game and got more playing time than he has for quite a while. They won a hard fought victory but it was not quite enough to advance them to the play-offs. This ends Ron's career as a college player. He has used up his eligability. He played two years for Briercrest Bible College some ten years ago and now two years here. But he will continue to play in men's leagues and is in training to be a coach some day soon.

Afther the game Ron personally thanked us for being such supportive parents (almost made me cry!.) Congratulations Ron! It's been a blessing to watch you play again. . Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The End of an Era

There was a funeral yesterday. It was probably one of the largest for a Christian leader in Canada. I was not there. I wished I could have been so I did the next best thing and prayed for the people there as I worked.

About a month ago, Mr. Walter McNaughton went to be with his Lord. In 1933 he traveled to this area by bicycle to start Peace River Bible Institute. He was its president for years. At ages 70 and 80 he retraced his bicycle trip from central Alberta (some 250 miles). He remained in relatively good health until his death at age 95.

Last week Dr. Henry Hildebrant also passed away. (It is his funeral I refered to at the beginning.) He was the founding president of Briercrest Bible Institute (now Briercrest College) in the mid 1930's. He was still president when we were there as students in the 70's Two years ago Colleen and I went to a class reunion at Briercrest. Dr. Hildebrant preached from a sitting position. His mind was still sharp for he would start quoting Scripture long before his fingers could get to the correct page of his Bible. At his passing he was 94.

In many ways that marks an end of an era on the Canadian Prairies but at the same time our Lord raises up godly men and women to lead and train His people. On the weekend I also learned some other interesting news. Bill Graham is speaking at evangelistgic meetings in the Edmonton area. Now we all know that Billy Graham, who is now 87 (one week younger than my Mom), has turned his ministry over to his son, Franklin Graham. But who is Bill Graham? He is Billy Graham's grandson. Three generations of evangelists in the same family, all living today. (I wonder if they ever shared the same platform together.)

I hope my ramblings motivate us to pray for God's people and their leaders, present and future.

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