Thursday, July 01, 2010


How We Celebrated Canada Day.

We slept in! I did about an hour's work. Then we went to the Museum. There we heard Brian sing. (He's getting better all the time.) Colleen went to work. Brian and I took the boys for a train ride.

Then Brian and Suzanne left for the weekend. After all, it is their fourth anniversary. And me? I had the boys for the rest of the day and evening till Colleen got off work.

After Jonny's nap and Roger's movie watching, we had supper, the photo says it all! After supper we went for a walk (The boys were in a tandem stroller) to the Bank and back. About a mile one way, and about an hour, round trip.

Soon after that Colleen was home. Then, at 11:00 p.m., we took the boys to see the Canada Day fireworks. They were great! We were home by midnight and the boys were soon fast asleep.

Happy Canada Day!

such cuties! sounds like a nice day!
Its hard to believe its been four years already since their Penticton wedding.Lost Moose Lodge.I can still hear Chuck insisting as we wound our way up the side of the mountain that there was a lost moose out there some where.I thought that was pretty funny.What fun everyone had.Happy Canada Day to all of you.Our Fourth of July was spent watching fireworks out to Grand Haven with Annette,Earl and all the granddaughters.
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