Saturday, May 30, 2009


New Job(s)!

I now have a new job, and another, and another... No, I'm not getting fired, or laid off, over and over again. I've put in several resumes at different places, all to no avail. I had just one call back for an interview and that was two months ago. Nothing further.

But I have been busy working. I continue to do the maintenance job and it has involved up to 16 hours a week the past couple of months. Ever since Easter I've been doing some renovation and/or fix-it jobs. Most of it has been for a man in our church who has a couple of apartment buildings. But there have been several other jobs as well.

And I'm loving being self-employed.

Last week when things were slower I started redoing our basement bathroom. Now, I'm too busy to finish it. (I do have to stop and watch the hockey game. "Go Red Wings go!")

The result has been that I've been kept busy and I'm making a relatively steady income. It's kind of day to day but the Lord is providing through it all. Praise His Name.

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