Saturday, April 19, 2008


A Fun Weekend

We enjoyed a great weekend with the Dumont family. The occasion was Roger's first birthday. (See Wascally Wabbit's post.) A bonus was tickets to the Kodiaks game. They are the Camrose junior hockey team. They were playing the Ft. McMurray "Oil Barons." If Camrose won they would be the Albert Junior Hockey League champions for the second year in a row. If they lost, they'd still have two more chances to win the series. Brian took the two older kids and me to see the game. Here Thomas and Mikayla are cheering on their team.

During the singing of "O Canada" we could see that all of the Kodaik players had dyed their hair blonde! The Oil Barons had multi-colored Mohawks!

There was some good action but over all it was not a good game. The Kodiaks were definitly off their game. Their main goalie was also sick and did not play. So the Kodiaks lost as they did again two days later in Ft. McMurray. But in the seventh game back in Camrose the Kodiaks finally won the league championship. They now advance to play the British Columbia champions, a team from Penticton.

On Saturday everyone went swimming and then we celebrated Roger's first birthday. (See Colleen's blog) On Sunday, after church, we went to the 50th birthday party of Brian's cousin . Here she is enjoying some food with her husband. It was at her father's farm and he showed me a lot of neat things he had: restored tractors, models, and some horse and wagon models he had made. He also had a replica of a 1908 Sears and Roebuck catalogue. From it you could buy a complete house package for as little as $750. How the value of money has changed!
Roger also enjoyed himself at the party. I had a hard time getting a good picture because he'd keep crawling out of view! As you can see he's growing up.

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