Sunday, May 25, 2008


"A Hunting We Will Go..."

I spent most of Saturday house hunting. It was quite a hunting trip! A couple of realtors showed me about a dozen homes. Two or three look very promising. But we have to sell our present home first. So keep praying, thanks.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last Day at Peace Windows

Thursday was my last day at my job at Peace Windows. About three weeks ago they were going to have a staff Barbecue but it was too windy. In fact it knocked out some of our power and most of the shop employees went home. So the Barbecue was re-scheduled for Thursday. This just happened to be my last day so it was kind of a farewell party for me too. In honor of the occasion I ate two hamburgers. One employee had gotten me a card and passed it around for everyone to sign. And the office staff had gotten me the balloon bouquet pictured here.

Driving home I felt "I'm free, I'm free!" It was a good job and a great place to work. But I'm ready for a change. I was at Peace Windows for just over three years. We will see what the next job brings. It is at a cabinet shop. I will be doing some installing and service calls. (The same as my old job, only different!) So we'll see how that goes.

If Colleen's Tulips are any sign, the future looks bright!

I will post more as the new changes take place. Life is very much a walk of faith. But not as scary as it was for Abraham. At least I know where I am going, I think! The Lord has His surprises sometimes.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Spring Changes

With spring come changes. The tulips are starting to bloom again. The birds are moving back north. And we are selling our home.

Yes, after three years we are making some changes.

As you can see from the sign, our realtor is someone most of you know. Yesterday was "Town wide Garage Sale Day," here in Sexsmith. We were wanting to do this last year but it fell on the day of my Mother's funeral. Yes, she has been home with her Lord for a full year now.

We put a lot of "stuff" out into our garage and sold the majority of it! A successful day indeed. Then today our realtor had an "Open House" here. He was busy all afternoon and the prospects look good. Now, as Colleen puts it, we are standing with one foot raised, waiting for where the Lord will have us put it down.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


More Promise Keeping

I've just returned from yet another Promise Keepers event. This one was in Edmonton again. But it was just a small group of sin 30 men being taught and equipped to minister to other men.

It was great to meet Steve Masterson again. I first met him as our counselling Prof. and our church cell group leader when we were in Seminary over 20 years ago. In more recent years he has been involved in teaching and discipling men through Promise Keepers Canada. I'm sure he has been "Jesus with skin on" to me more than any other man. I seem to be experiencing more and more of his ministry as the years go by.

At the seminar we had times of teaching by Brother Steve, one on one discipleship with our peer leader, and even private times of reflection.

On Saturday afternoon we went for a "God walk." I went down by a man made lake, enjoyed some warm sunny weather, enjoyed some ducks and geese there, and enjoyed time with God.

At the end of the seminar we had a washing ceremony. (below) Each cohort leader washed his men's hands, eyes, and ears as and affirmation of moral purity. (There was more to it than that but you would have had to have been there).
Can you find me in the group picture?

We prayed for one another. Sometimes we prayed in groups. Sometimes it was one-on-one. The two young men pictured below really ministered to each other. They were standing like this and praying and ministering to each other for probably over half an hour.

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