Thursday, March 23, 2006


Springtime in the North

It's official! It's springtime in the north. Not just the far north but all of the northern hemisphere. On Monday at 11:35 a.m. MST, the Sun crossed the equator. That's one of the two days each year when the whole earth has the same amount of daylight. We in the (far) north have seen it coming! For almost a month now we have noticed the days getting considerably longer. At this time of year and at this lattitude, daylight hours lengthen by about five minutes a day. That adds up, fast!

And right now, after quite a bit of snow a couple of weeks ago, things are going the other way. The Sun is shining. The snow is melting and dry land is appearing! (Coming out of winter does have parallels with Noah coming off the Ark!)

What is in the future? More snow? More Sun? More warmth? Rain? All of the above? Probably! The short range forcast looks bright so here's hoping spring is trutly here!

One thing is certain! The days will get longer and longer until we reach Summer Solstice. With the long lingering twilight (the Sun is barely over the horizon) it stays somewhat light all night. Then by late August the days start to get noticably shorther. Last year I heard the comment: "The days are getting shorter, its dark by midnight!" It was true.

But for now we will enjoy our Spring and Summer Sun and thank God for the privilege of being in the (not so far) north at this time of year.

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