Monday, January 01, 2007


Breaking Out

We helped Grandma (my Mom) break out of the hospital after a three week stay. On Dec. 3 she fell and broke her hip (at church). She had surgery on it in Red Deer a few days later. In a week she was transfered to the Hospital back in Ponoka (her home town).

On Christmas eve we went to see her, knowing she would be going across the street to the Senior's center to see her son Bill play his fiddle at the church service there. When we got to the Hospital we learned that she would also be going home for 48 hours. So we helper her daughter Mary pack up her things, including several plants, and take her to the service at the Senior's center on her way home. On the way out of the Hospital the nurse told Mom she could stay home perminantly if the 48 hours went well. With Mary's help it did and she did! All of us are rejoicing!

Then I had a whisp of creativity:

Grandma broke out of the Hospital!
Went back to her house Christmas eve.
Some people say there's no such thing as miracles.
But as for me and Mama, we believe.

Our prayers for Grandma have been answered.
And we thank God for He has blessed.
She rejoices that she has no pain.
An we rejoice that she is home again.

She went out to the farm for Christmas.
Bill and Lynda made it a wonderful time.
Mary is still staying with her at home.
We expect she'll soon be turning on a dime. Posted by Picasa


Santa's Helper

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