Monday, April 25, 2011


Resurrection Day, Part Two

Yesterday was another Resurrection Day for the little church in Thorhild. We planned for some time to have a"traditional service" on Easter, knowing it was the best day to get new people out to church.

After taking in an great joint Good Friday service here in Camrose (Brian sang "Watch the Lamb") I headed up to Thorhild. On the way I stopped and saw Ron and his new girlfriend at West Edmonton Mall.

On Saturday we passed out invitations to our service all over Thorhild. In the process, I met and visited with several people I had not seen for a long time. In between all of this I made a couple of visits and had one excellent witnessing opportunity and another encouraging visit with some former young people. Then we had a lovely dinner and an Elders meeting.

Sunday was another nice day and we started it with a "Breaking of Bread" service at 9:00 a.m. That's a communion service, Brethren Assemblies style!

As we prepared for the Easter service the attendance appeared to be low, but at the last minute several more people came, including two or three we had only met the day before while handing out invitations. Altogether we had 27 or 28 people, about double what we were having for our weekly Bible Studies.

What did I do? I preached! Well, I called it a "non traditional sermon." I came in from the back, dressed as a disciple. (I used my shepherd costume from "Bethlehem Walk") I talked about the eventful week I had, starting with the Triumphal Entry. It was all down hill from there. Until I met this Man on the Emmaus Road. I had great freedom in presenting the gospel.

Afterwords one lady told me: "It was your finest hour!" It wasn't me, it was the enablement of the Spirit. His direction and strength was very evident to me as I spoke. Ever since the church reopened there has been a tremendous freedom in the Spirit to minister for the Lord. And there's been much evidence of how He has directed in our times together. Praise the Lord!

Next week we will be going back to our Bible study format. Hopefully we will have a few more people with us.

Afterwords I was invited to a Passover meal, complete with a leg of lamb, at a church family's home. It was an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"Heaven Is For Real"

I just finished reading the book. I highly recommend it. Get it! Put a box of Kleenex beside your chair and read it. It will bless your heart and strengthen your faith.

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