Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Icing On The Cake

If Campout with Ralph Sutera was our meat and potatoes challenge to live the crucified life, then the weekend Colleen and I just experienced was desert! We went to the Peace Country Gospel Jamboree, just 45 minutes from here. (In previous years Campout always fell on the same weekend .) The weather was almost perfect (but to cool at nigh to stay over in our tent. We don't have a nice R.V. like the several hundred in the camping area there.). Saturday they served us a ham steak supper and Sunday morning we were back in time for an all you can eat breakfast of pancakes, sausages, bacon, and eggs! Several southern gospel and country gospel groups were performing. Pictured here is "Sweet Presence," a family from near Vancouver, British Columbia. They are southern gospel and sometimes sound very much like the Happy Goodman Family. Colleen and I both thoroughly enjoyed them. The pictures below tell "the rest of the story."  Posted by Picasa


Bryn Thiessen, a Cowboy poet from the foothills of central Alberta, M.C.'d the event. He has a rather unique sense of humor that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.(He and Tim Lovelace had fun together on stage too.) Posted by Picasa


"Mended Heart," from Washington, were more country style. The man with the white beard is playing a fiddle! He's close to 80 years old. Posted by Picasa


Jeff and Sheri Easter were a big part of the weekend. They sang many of their favorites, like "Roses will Bloom Again," as well as some new songs. Their newborn baby girl was a hit too. Posted by Picasa


Sunday morning Tim Lovelace did an excellent job of bringing a very simple gospel message. There were several respondants to it. They also had a youth concert late the night before at which about 50 kids committed themselves to Christ. Posted by Picasa


For me the best part was the Hunter family from southern Saskatchewan. They are a farm family of five boys, all of whom play hockey, some semi-professionally. The oldest who is 26 (on the right) played for the Edmonton Oilers in last year's pre-season. They had some intersting testimonies and a deep commitment to Christ, to go along with their exceptional singing and performing tallents. They were also a big hit with the young girls during their autograpt session after their final performance.Me? I got an autograped photograph of J.J. Hunter in Oilers uniform. I also enjoyed chatting with the parents about their ministry as a family.  Posted by Picasa


The outdoor event saw some 3000 people attend over the two days. Posted by Picasa


The Jamboree was at a museum so in between, I was able to go look at some old tractors, etc. There were big old steamers and such and some newer ones like these. I know I'm getting old when I see three tractors in a row that I have driven! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Cabin row! There are twelve such cabins at Campout. Ours (Colleen, me, and Thomas) is on the left, recognizable by the towels on the deck! Read the blog below for more about Campout. Posted by Picasa


Ralph Sutera bring us the word. Posted by Picasa


A New Old Song

We just got back from "Campout" in Thorhild. The Sutera Twins were supposed to be there but only one could make it (health problems). Ralph Sutera gave us some awesome (I truly mean awesome) teaching on something we do not hear enough about: "The Crucified Life." It caused me to search deeper in the corners of my life and come into a greater (and closer) walk with my Lord. Oh, by the way, both Ralph and Lou Sutera are coming back next year! (Start making plans now!)

The new, old, song? Ralph Sutera taught us a song written by a man who had met the Lord in revival some years ago. A lot of it expresses how the Lord has worked in my life during the revival days of the earely 70's, over the years, and more deeply last week. Here it is!

Jesus loves me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong.
They are weak, but He is strong.

Jesus frees me from my pain,
Gives me songs to sing again;
Dealt with sin,
Nailed self to the tree,
The Holy Spirit sets me free.

Pride took me for a ride,
Fueled by bitterness inside.
Jesus frees me from my past,
Took my foot from off the gas.

Sin and sorrow weighed me down,
Pride had kept me tightly bound;
Only Jesus set me free.
Weight reduction instantly.

Two of me, we were at war,
Double-minded to the core;
Being one is much more fun,
The battle fought, the vic'try won.

Jesus longs to free us from
Excedrin headache number one;
Get full release quite instantly,
Forsake your sin.
From self be free!

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

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