Monday, July 09, 2007


Flying High

The flags are flying high again! Ever since 9-11, we have had both a Canadian and an American flag flying out in front of our home. (Well, almost ever since 9-11. It too several weeks to get an American flag because they were out of stock, even here in Canada.)
Shortly after we moved into our new home those flags went up! But this is the rest of the sad story. About a year ago those flags came down. One day (actually the day after our Edmonton Oilers had lost the Stanley Cup to yet another American team) the American flag went missing. Then, about a month later, the Canadian flag also disappeared. They were both obviously ripped off the side our our house. I reported both incidents to the Police but nothing more could be done.

So, for Independence Day, I got two new flags, one for Colleen and one for me. They are back! They are bigger! They are higher! and they are stronger!
God Bless America!
God Bless Canada!
Yes, God bless Canada too! Your president often says: "God Bless America!" But about a year and a half ago, when our newly elected Prime Minister made his victory speech, he concluded with: "God Bless Canada." That statement shook the nation. Why? Canada is a "sovereign nation." Several of our previous Prime Ministers emphasized that, and even publicly refused to recognize any Divine authority over either themselves or the nation they were leading. But many of us Christians were rejoicing! We have a godly leader who is doing his best (even with a minority government) to do a God-honoring job of it.
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