Sunday, April 24, 2005


From the Field to the Shelf

Here are some pictures of the toy tractors I have been collecting. Dad bought a John Deere tractor like this brand new several years before I was born. It had about 18 horse power. The machine it is pulling is a small combine like one Dad had for a few years before I was born. It was not very practical for him so he sold it. The tractor like this model was what I learned on. In fact, Colleen drove it once, spreading manure. I thought it was romantic but all she remembers is manure flying everywhere. Posted by Hello


Dad bought the little Case DC4 on the right when I was two years old. It had 40 horse power so it was bigger than it looked! I drove it a lot when I was a teen ager. Dad got the Farmall M (like the toy on the left) when I was in my mid teens. He put a Farmhand loader on it and we used it for a lot of different chorse around the farm. It's still on the farm but is not used much any more. Posted by Hello


I ran a Case 500, like the one on the right between my years at Briercrest. It is now semi-retired on the home farm. The one on the left is a newer Case 930 which I used to plow the land Ted had just bought near the home farm. Dad was farming it for Ted who was farming with his father-in-law in Montana. This was in 1975, just before we went to Uranium City. Dad's tractor had a cab of sorts on it. Posted by Hello


Dad bought a tractor like this one shortly after we started pastoring in Uranium City. It was a brand new Allis Chalmers with about 160 horse power. It had air conditioning, a heater, and a radio. I often ran it when I'd come back to the farm. Dad figured I should pay him for the luxury of being in an air conditioned cab all day! Posted by Hello


Ted had a four wheel drive tractor like this on his farm in Montana. When he had to quit farming, my other brother Bill bought it and used it on the farm in Ponoka, Alberta. I drove it there a number of times. One winter I skidded logs with it. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 23, 2005


You Know You are a Christian in Sexsmith when...

...the man you bought a mobile home from 20 years ago at Seminary is now your "Boss!" go to church here for the first time and you recognize the man greeting you at the door, not because you baptized him 15 years ago, but because he's wearing the same style of knee length pants he wore back then.
...your partner on the maintenance crew is also a former Pastor and you enjoy many theological conversations together. go out for supper and the propriator gives you a discount because he appreciates PRBI. go for dinner in Grande Prairie and winde up visiting with two other couples from church. go to meet your wife in Wal-Mart and some students from PRBI wonder what you are doing in the cosmetics department. go to the doctor's office and the receptionest is a PRBI grad. get a new job through a Christian man who also had your job a few years ago.
...your new boss is a Christian.
...two people at your new job are from PRBI.
...your Realtor is from your church and prays for you in his office.
...your financial advisor is also a member of your church. recognize the receptionist at the Lawyer's office as a PRBI grad. go the the Bank and the teller is a PRBI student wife. have a fire at your home and you know all the firefighters on a first name basis.
...the man from Alberta Disaster Services, who will be cleaning up after the fire, is also a member of your church.
...two men stop by your house one evening to survey the damages and they are both Pastors you have assisted by preaching when they were away!


Sexsmith Volunteer Fire Department. Each person pictured here is a PRBI alumnus. These and several other students attended (and put out) the fire in our home.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Renovating our New Home!

Please scroll throught the ten or so pictures below to get an ongoing story of the renovation process that is taking some rather interesting and unexpected turns!


Home renovation begins! Posted by Hello


Here I am starting to renovate the front porch. The wallboard was so bad I ripped it out. Then I reinsulated it. Posted by Hello


The kitchen has white cupboards that need painting inside and out. The lino is in bad shape though. Posted by Hello


The bathroom is pink! That has to go! Otherwise it's a nice room. Posted by Hello


The living room has parkay flooring and a ceiling fan. We want to repaint the walls a sandstone color. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Renovation Takes an Unexpected Turn

Monday evening I want over to our new home to do some work on it. When I opened the door to the garage I discovered some smoke in it. Quite a bit actually. I opened the large overehead door and then opened the door to the kitchen and discovered much denses smoke. So I closed it and called the Fire Dept. from the neighbor's place.

In a few minutes the trucks arrived and several PRBI students and alumni jumped out and donned their gear! They went into the house and put out a fire on the stove. After a couple of hours of venting the house with large fans, I was allowed to go in and surver the damage. The only things that had burned was what was on the stove. But throughout the house there was extensive smoke damage. The basement and the garage suffered very little! The pictures below tell the rest of the story.


Our home after the fire. The fire was on the stove where several cupboard doors had been stacked. It was off until the power company removed a limiter from the meter. The livingroom floor is quite black as is most everything else! Posted by Hello


The front porch that I had just reinsulated! Posted by Hello


The cupboards now! Posted by Hello


The bathroom! Posted by Hello


What to take a bath? Posted by Hello


The Master bedroom where Little Eskimo's comforter kept one spot clean. Posted by Hello


Looking into the Kitchen from the Living/Dining Room. Soot everywhere! The Insurance adjuster says the house will be totally gutted and redone. Will take three months so we will be waiting while others renovate our home for us! I am claiming Romans 8:28 as we deal with this unexpected turn of events.Posted by Hello

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