Sunday, June 13, 2010


Too Many Hats

I've been wearing too many hats lately. Let me begin with the ones I've been wearing the longest.

"Grandpa Duty" started when we moved here. And that's why we are here so its great to have the little guys for an overnight or whatever help we can provide for Suzanne and Brian.

"Maintenance Man." I've done this job for about a year and a half: usually only an hour or two once or twice a week but lately it's been about three half days.

"Ed's Handyman Services" started over a year ago as an alternative to unemployment. Last year was busy enough but this spring it slowed down. Now I have a few jobs that I am having a hard time working into the rest of my schedule.

"School Bus Driver" started in late April when the renovation work was slow. I'm only a spare driver but May was quite busy and June has had some busy days too. This weekend we drove for a MS bike tour, all day Saturday and early Sunday morning.

"Assistant Manager." Actually its a name tag, not a hat. Two weeks ago I started this three days per week job at the local ReStore. It's Habitat for Humanity's recycling store. Going well so far.

Bouncing between all of these things can be quite a juggling act sometimes. But I must admit that it is better that sitting around twiddling my thumbs like I was in the winter. Fortunately the bus driving will come to a temporary end soon. It has required the most juggling.

About a month and half ago I started praying for God's direction and God's supply in what I should be doing. He has answered quite clearly.

Life is good. God is good. Jehovah-Jireh is providing!

Oh, I am so glad that I checked in here--so glad to see that you have posted again--so glad to hear of the many hats you have the opportunity to wear--so glad that you are glad for God's answer to unemployment!!!

Thanks for this update!
Love the hat Jeannie.So happy to hear your hat story.The Lord is using you mightly.We love ya.Thanks for your update.
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